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We give free diagnosis and recomendation on how to deal with pests and diseases on your farm. Please provide us with a description of the condition of the plant and if possible upload a picture and we will contact you with a solution on how to fix it.


Upload your picture and we will give you a diagnosis

Real IPM Small Scale Farmers

To do small holder farming as a business, farmers need technical advice and solutions in producing healthy foods in a sustainable and cost effective manner. Real IPM has been and continues to help farmers achieve this goal. To ensure that we serve you even better, we have created a library where farmers get useful tips and materials, get to link and share experiences with other farmers as well as access technical support from our qualified agronomists in the field.

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Real IPM Large Scale Farmers

Join farmers, researchers, lecturers, authors and extension officers all over the world who are working together to develop, promote and implement bio-intensive IPM programmes. Share your success and your problems. Together we can change the way farming is done for ever.

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We are on social media too