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About Us Founded in 2003 by Louise Labuschagne and Dr Henry Wainwright, Real IPM, now  a member of the Biobest Group employs 228  members of staff. Based in Thika, Kenya, where high quality predatory mites are produced. Biopesticides are produced in our laboratories in Kenya. We have global rights to several isolates of Metarhizium under license from ICIPE International Research Institute.
Together with our own biopesticides isolates, we have a comprehensive offer for crop protection solutions. Nairobi has excent airfreight logistics for exports throughout the world. Our biopesticides products already have registration in Kenya, Ethiopia, Ghana,Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa.

Our Mission
To develop low cost biological solutions and Holistic Real IPM Programmes to proactively reduce the use of chemical pesticides.

Our Vision
Real Farming with a bio-intensive IPM programmes will become mainstream for both large and small-scale farmers, in any crop, in any country. FAQs on IPM cost effectiveness