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Real Phytoseiulus persimilis

Phytoseiulus_persimilis_realipm Growers and Distributors recognize Real IPM Phytoseiulus around the world as being of very high quality.  Freshly harvested Phytoseiulus is distributed globally to countries as far afield as Europe, South Africa and North America.  Kenya has excellent distribution logistics for efficient, cool chain distribution of live predatory mites. 

Phytoseiulus is the best predator for spider mite. It has a fast reproduction rate and eats more eggs, and motile stages of spider mites than any other predatory mite.  Our production systems allow us to offer very competitive prices for this exceptionally good predatory mite. Growers in Kenya will receive Phytoseiulus in a clear tube without vermiculite.  It is easy to see the quality and number of live Phytoseiulus.  Distribution must be fast and in cool chain – use immediately on arrival. Contact us for a quote.

Real Phytoseiulus will provide faster and more efficient, clean up of high spider mite infestations and eliminate ‘hot spots’ in crops more quickly than any other predatory mite. Real Phytoseiulus can be used in conjunction with Real Amblyseius andersoni or Achieve (Metarhizium 78) as a prophylactic preventative programme. Real IPM spider mite programmes are the Real Solution to mites.  Real IPM has eliminated the use of acaricides in flowers crops.  This has lead to immediate and significant increases in yield and quality.  Stem length and bud size improves dramatically when acaricides applications stop. Real Phytoseiulus can be used in the propagation houses, greenhouses and field crops.  Contact Real IPM for advice on the design of your spider mite programme. In East Africa Real Phytoseiulus is offered in various supply options:

Real IPM has more experience than any other company in cost effective control of mites on the Equator.  Contact us for a Real Solution for mites.