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The Real IPM company provides a comprehensive consultancy service to the international horticultural fresh produce industry, as well as plantation crops such as coffee, sisal, cashew, macadamia, pineapple and others. We work with both large and small-scale growers.

Our consultants have many years relevant experience both in academic and practical horticultural areas and are ideally placed to provide focused, practical consultancy advice.

We have a proven track-record in development of novel IPM solutions and identification of useful local natural enemies suitable for mass-rearing. We also arrange for export of natural enemies from Kenya for use in other countries.

Increasing biodiversity on the farm

Real IPM works towards reintroducing biodiversity that may have been lost due to continued use of chemicals. We deliver IPM programmes that encourage survival and build up of beneficial organisms on the farm.

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Development of IPM and organic programmes

The Real IPM Company offers training and consultancy programmes to enable companies to conserve local natural enemies in order to replace pesticide use. By making available a wide range of predatory mites and bio-pesticides, we are able to contribute towards management of pests and diseases in an organic farming set up.

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Strategic planning for pesticide reduction

With our wide range of bio-products Real IPM is dedicated to assisting growers to eliminate the use of specific groups of more toxic pesticides. With collaborations with Scientists and Researchers such as (ICIPE), we are committed to providing growers with more environmental friendly solutions to their pest and disease problems.

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