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Effective scouting provides growers with the information required to measure the progress of a biological control programme and measure the risk of any crop damage occurring before the control is achieved.

Apart from our specialist training course in IPM Field Skills we also provide scouting services where we attach our Real IPM scouts to a customers farm to help in application of Real IPM biological control products, evaluate their efficacy and help in crop protection decision making process by providing timely weekly scouting data report to the farm Manager and Real IPM Field Advisor.

Contract scouting

We offer dedicated customers who are purchasing beneficial insects exclusively from Real IPM, a contract scouting service. In conjunction with weekly meetings with the Company Crop Protection Manager, this provides a strategic plan on the numbers of beneficial insects to apply each week and the compatible pesticides which will need to be applied for pests and diseases.

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Design of IPM scouting protocols

Real IPM offers an IPM field skills course whereby scouting protocol is designed that can be used in monitoring pests and disease levels as well as the beneficial insects in the crop.

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