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Real IPM Kenya Ltd not only is a leader in the development of biological control programmes in Africa and beyond but also is very experienced in the optimum use of chemical pesticides. All our trainers and field consultants are BASIS qualified. This means that they are legally qualified to give advice to growers in the United Kingdom. Our pesticide courses are both practical and provide sufficient underpinning knowledge to optimise the safe and effective use of pesticide.

BASIS (vegetables)

Course length: Predominantly a distance learning course with 10 in-class training days. The courses usually start in April and the examinations are in September or October. Minimum qualifications of trainees: Only experienced agronomists are likely […]

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BASIS (floriculture)

This is the equivalent course to the BASIS Vegetables course and it was offered for the first time in 2004. Again it will assist companies to achieve compliance in the new GLOBALGAP audit for flowers […]

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Sprayer Calibration

The effectiveness of crop protection interventions relies on effective application of both bio pesticides and chemical pesticides. Real IPM trainers are BASIS qualified and able to provide practical training on the calibration of spray equipment.

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Pesticide awareness

A series of one-hour sessions aimed at staff not involved in crop protection to improve their understanding of safe use procedures on the farm. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we could assist your company.

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Safe Use of Pesticides

This course is suitable for those working mainly in the spray department. The course lasts for one day with an overall look into safe use of pesticides, personal protective equipment, interpretation of product labels,storage of chemicals,how to handle spillages, wind speeds and other spraying conditions, disposal of empties and leftovers, emergency procedures and record keeping.

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