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Real IPM Crop Solutions allow growers to protect both field and greenhouse crops with limited use of chemical pesticides because our bio-pesticides conserve naturally occurring beneficial insects whilst killing targeted pests and diseases.  Our programmes therefore reduce the need to buy commercially reared predators and parasitic wasps as the main biological weapon because these can migrate into the crop naturally. Real IPM produces bio-pesticides for both diseases and pests. Our bio-pesticides can be tank mixed with chemical pesticides for resistance management of the chemical active ingredients, as well as create a powerful synergistic effect to solve difficult problems.  Conventional spray and irrigation equipment are used to apply bio-pesticides. Our IPM programmes work because they are simple.  We use a small number of naturally occurring beneficial microbes and apply them in high concentrations to enable them to compete more effectively with disease causing microbes. The cost is low enough which make routine prophylactic application feasible. There is no need to scout or use complicated modelling to decide whether to apply the bio-pesticides. We provide technical support to growers and develop tailor made solutions.  Contact us if you would like Real IPM to help.  


Real IPM has a global reputation for reliable supply of large volumes of predatory mites. We have invested in excellent production facilities and procedures to ensure that we are your supplier of choice.

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Directors of the Company are personally involved in the development and implementation of Standard Operating Procedures to assure quality in all aspects of the business.

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Technical Expertise

Innovation comes with experience. Together our team has over 90 years of experience, managing successful crop protection programmes on the Equator with all year round growing conditions for pests and diseases.

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Environmental Safety

All our predators and bio-pesticides are environmentally benign and safe for operators to apply. They have a zero Pre-Harvest Interval or Re-Entry period after spraying.

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Resistance Management

In spite of growers investing in pesticide programmes, pests and diseases continue to cause economic damage, due to resistance to pesticides. New pesticide solutions are not going to be quickly available. Therefore, Real IPM has designed a Resistance Management training that helps growers deal with resistance issues.

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Compatibility with pesticides

Based on Research and extensive field experience with biological control products, Real IPM has up to date Pesticide Sensitivity database to confirm which pesticides are compatible with our predatory mites and biopesticides.

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Holistic Programmes

With our wide range of product portfolio, Real IPM provides growers with consistence supply of biological control products for inclusion in the IPM Holistic programme designed to ensure a routine, prophylactic introduction of predatory mites and weekly applications of biopesticides is done all year around.

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How do Biopesticides work?

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