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Environmental Safety


Regulators around the globe agree that the bio-control organisms, which Real IPM produces, are safe to use and safe for the environment.   There is no recorded mammalian or non-target toxicity with these biological control agents.  Full Eco-Toxicological Studies have been undertaken on all our products and confirm that they are safe to the environment, non-target organisms and people. The same beneficial microbes and predatory mites have been safely and effectively used all over the world for many decades. Clear instructions on the Label dictate how the products should be used and what protective equipment is needed. The bio-pesticides are made from naturally occurring beneficial microbes (fungi and bacteria), which live in the soil.  When they are formulated as bio-pesticides and sprayed in the sunlight onto crops, they are more quickly broken down by ultra violet light, or dehydration, than pesticides.   This also allows the re-entry of other beneficial insects back into the crop, more quickly than if chemical pesticides are used. Real IPM bio-pesticides are safe to bees and in an auto dissemination technique, bees can even be used to transport the bio-pesticide to flowers in order to protect the flowers from pests and diseases.