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Holistic Programmes



Real IPM can tailor make Holistic IPM programmes to protect high value ornamentals from cosmetic damage as well as low gross margin cereal crops.

Our programmes work because they are cost effective and can be applied frequently at high rates. Our bio-pesticides are compatible with the majority of chemical pesticides and can even be mixed together to create a synergistic effect.

In consultation with the grower, our Field Consultants will make an on-farm assessment of the pest and disease priorities and the current efficacy of the crop protection programme.  We then design a holistic programme from seed treatments, applications during the cropping and picking period, through to post harvest management of residual pests and diseases.

The objective of our Holistic Programmes is to prevent problems establishing, by using high application rates of biological controls with minimal, judicious use of pesticides.   Prevention is better than cure.

Training and Consultancy will help growers implement the Holistic Programmes successfully.

To find out more about how our products can help you solve your crop protection problems, without having to over-rely on chemical pesticides – contact us to arrange an on-farm visit and an IPM needs assessment.