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Real IPM has invested in large-scale production facilities for predatory mites on the Equator, with all year round growing conditions.   Our production farms are on four sites to minimise inconvenience to the customer of production shortfalls due to inclement weather.

We are able to supply large volumes to Distributors around the globe.  Our production facilities are less than one hour from Nairobi airport and we have a streamlined export operation. Our predatory mites are used in other companies’ branded products, because we are considered one of the most reliable suppliers of good quality biological controls in the world.

Our valued growers in Africa are able to apply millions of predatory mites per hectare due to the large volumes we have available at reasonable prices.  Most European programmes are only able to afford to apply a few thousand predatory mites per hectare per week, because of the higher cost of predatory mites.  Reasonable predatory mite costs gives growers the ability to take control of their pest problems.  The largest area of IPM ornamental crops in the world buys biological controls from The Real IPM Company.  Almost one thousand hectares of high value roses use our products.

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