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Resistance Management


Resistance of pests and diseases to chemical pesticides is a global problem.  The risk of resistance has been quantified by the Insecticide Resistance Action Committee and the Fungicide Resistance Action Committee.  Visit the FRAC and IRAC websites for more information.

Real IPM understands how to use chemical pesticides and provides diploma level accredited training in chemical crop protection.

Real IPM Field Advisors are also BASIS-qualified in chemical pesticide use and can provide professional advice on how to integrate pesticides with our biological products.

The Real IPM Holistic IPM programmes alternate bio-pesticides with chemical pesticides, which increases the interval between the applications of each chemical active ingredient.  This is in line with the guidance from FRAC and IRAC.

Real IPM bio-pesticides can be tank mixed with the chemical pesticides.  This is another technique for reducing pesticide resistance.

If you want to get on with Real Farming and manage resistance to chemicals, contact us, about our 2-day Resistance Management Course.