MAZAO REGAIN (Bio-fertiliser)

Real Bacillus Subtilis is a ubiquitous gram-positive soil borne bacterium, isolated from the soil and formulated as a bio-fertiliser. Eco-toxicological studies with the Real IPM isolate of Bacillus Subtilis, confirms that it has no negative environmental or health and safety issues.

It is available as a total fermented product. Our concentration of colony forming units is high and is therefore cost effective.

Real Bacillus Subtilis can be applied either as a soil application using centre pivot, drip irrigation systems or with ground spray equipment. It can also be applied as a foliar application using conventional spray equipment. Seed treatments with Real Bacillus are also recommended.

Real Bacillus Subtilis is compatible with most conventional chemical pesticides and fertilisers thus making it easy to use.

Application rate and shelf life

Total fermented product

  • 1 – 2 litres per hectare.
  • 6 months from date of manufacture in the original unopened container stored in a cool dry place (4 – 8°C).

Real Bacillus Subtilis (bio-fertiliser) is Registered in South Africa as a bio-fertiliser and can be used on any agricultural or horticultural crop. It can be used throughout the growing period including the harvest period as it has a zero Pre-Harvest Interval.

Seek advice from your Real IPM Consultant on suitable application rates and methods for your crop and growing system.