Diagnosis: Thrips Damage in Onions

  • By : Reinfrid Maganga
  • Country : Tanzania
  • Date : August 16, 2018



  • For full management and control of Thrips in onions, a combination of control methods is recommended. Here are some methods that can be use together to manage Thrips.

Cultural Control of Thrips:

  • Destroy all crop debris
  • Remove volunteer onion crops
  • Remove all the weeds
  • Maintain good pre planting and post planting sanitation

Physical Control:

  • Use of sticky traps to monitor Thrips such as MonitrapsEntraps and Roller trap
  • Crop rotation (Rotate onions with crops from different families).
  • Intercropping
  • Discard the infested transplants
  • Proper nitrogen management
  • Mulching
  • Plant trap crops

Biological Control:

  • Use of beneficial microbes such as Mazao PREVAIL from Real IPM

Chemical Control

  • Chemical control method should not be used alone. Use selective or non toxic chemicals to reduce side the effects on beneficial insects and the environment.
  • Farmers in Kenya should check that the chemicals they buy are registered with PCPB. Refer the PCPB list for registered chemicals that are effective against Thrips.