Diagnosis: Whiteflies attack on tomatoes

  • By : Hellen Kanyagha
  • Country : Tanzania
  • Date : August 9, 2018


IPM is recommend for better management of whiteflies. The following methods can be used in combination.

Biological Control:

Cultural control:

  • Maintain good sanitation
  • Plant tomatoes away from key white flies hosts such as melons
  • Allow maximum time between harvest and subsequent planting of white flies host crops
  • Avoid using a lot of nitrogen fertilizer

Physical control:

  • Use physical barriers such as Greenhouse and Veg nets
  • Use  Yellow Sticky traps such as Entrap, Monitrap and Roller trap

Chemical control:

  • Use chemical pesticides only when absolutely necessary.
  • Refer to the PCPB List for registered products against white flies.