Cone Gardens

Cone Gardens are a form of vertical gardens that use soil stack into layers that form a cone garden like a cake. Each layer of soil is held with our durable UV-treated net just like the vertical bag farms.

Real IPM developed Cone Gardens to addresses some of the challenges that were posed by Vertical Bag Farms.

Advantages of the Cone Gardens

  • Suitable for growing all crop. 
  • Easy to reload and unload
  • Holds up to 120 plants on 3.5 msq of land.
  • Ensures food safety.
  • Low water requirements 20 litres are enough per week.
  • Reuseable up to 15 years.
  • Good water drainage
  • Plants grow uniformly due to enough space and lighting. 
  • Can be replanted without changing the soil.

Cone Bag Sizes and Prices

  • Extra Large Cone Bags (120 plants)- 2000/=
  • Large Cone Bag (100 Plants) – 1700/=
  • Medium Cone Bags (50 plants) – Ksh 800/=
  • Small Cone Bags (30 Plants) – Ksh 650/=

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