Real Amblyseius cucumeris

Real Amblyseius cucumeris is a well known predatory mite, used for several decades for the control of thrips. IPM is essential because resistance of thrips to chemical pesticides is now widespread. Predatory mites and entomo-pathogenic fungi for thrips are the Real Solution.

Amblyseius mites of any species will feed only on the young thrips juveniles. Older thrips juveniles and adults are able to escape from Amblyseius predatory mites. Amblyseius mites do not breed on the crop in the same way as Phytoseiulus, so regular, inundative releases need to be made to provide enough Amblyseius in the crop to prevent thrips from building up.

Integration of Real Amblyseius cucumeris with Real Metarhizium 69 (for thrips adults, pupae and pre pupae) provides a robust solution for thrips control. Adult thrips can be caught on Real IPM sticky traps.

Our thrips programme integrates a full canopy spray of Real Metarhizium 69 for thrips adults and juveniles, with spray applications of Real Metarhizium 69 on the soil surface for thrips pre-pupae and pupae, and weekly applications of Real Amblyseius cucumeris. Under high thrips pressure situations or where the thrips are carrying a virus, compatible pesticides are integrated with the Real IPM thrips controls.

  • Packed in 250 ml plastic bottle containing between 12,500 A. cucumeris per bottle.
  • Application media is wheat bran pre-mixed at source.
  • Application rate is 500,000 – 1,000,000 per hectare per week.

Real IPM Field Advisors will train growers in the effective integration of Amblyseius cucumeris, Real Metarhizium 69 and compatible pesticides. Contact us for our 2-day Resistance Management Workshop for thrips and other important pests and diseases.