Mazao Campaign (Metarhizium anisopliae 69)

Mazao Campaign (Real Metarhizium anisopliae 69) is a ubiquitous, insect killing fungus from the soil. It has been successfully tested against a range of pests in both the soil and canopy. Current registrations in various countries include white flies, mealybug, thrips and snout beetle. Field scale registration trials are currently underway on fruit flies and caterpillar pests.

Regular use of Real Metarhizium 69 reduces excessive use of pesticides and helps manage chemical pesticide resistance. Real Metarhizium 69 can be tank mixed with fungicides or insecticides, making it easy to apply. No special spray equipment is needed. For faster action in a curative programme, it can be tank mixed with a suitable insecticide for a synergistic effect. A wetting agent will also be needed if mealy bugs or whiteflies are the target pest. Seek advice from Real IPM.

Real Metarhizium 69 is formulated as pure fungal spores in vegetable oil. Real Metarhizium 69 is a ‘contact’ biopesticide and application methods are critical to its success. Applying Real Metarhizium 69 with too much water volume, will allow the biopesticide to ‘run-off’ the canopy without leaving an effective dose on the pest. For the soil application, ensure you cover the entire soil surface below the crop where the insect pest is pupating.

Upon coming into contact with the insect host, the Real Metarhizium spore will germinate and proceed to enter the host, where it multiplies in the haemocoel of the insect, killing it. Death will occur within 2 to 4 days, depending on the temperature and susceptibility and size of the pest.

Real Metarhizium 69 has been tested against many common beneficial parasitoids and predators without harm. This makes Real Metarhizium 69 a powerful tool for conservation of these essential biological control agents. The contact action of Real Metarhizium 69 is therefore complemented with the flying parasitoids and predators which can ‘mop up’ pests that were not contacted by Real Metarhizium 69.

See labels below for in-country registrations in Ghana and South Africa. The Ethiopian government has given permission for sale of Metarhizium 69 for mealy bug in roses.

Application rate/shelf life
Spores in vegetable oil

  • 200 ml per hectare.
  • 12 months from date of manufacture in the original unopened container stored in a cool dry place (15 – 20° C).

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