Mazao Sustain (bio-nematicide and bio-fungicide)

Trichoderma asperellum is a common antagonistic fungus found in the soil. It can grow saprophytically on organic matter in the soil as well as on the roots of plants. It is capable of entering the plant either through a foliar spray or root application.

Eco-toxicological studies confirm that Real Trichoderma asperellum has no negative environmental, operator or consumer safety issues. It therefore has a zero Pre-Harvest-Interval and no pesticide residue issues.

Trichoderma asperellum has several modes of action, including direct competition with pathogens for biological space on the plant, parasitism of competing microbes and enhancement of plant immune systems.

Real Trichoderma asperellum, isolate TR900, is unique to Real IPM and is a most cost effective product because of its following useful attributes:

Considerable bio-fertiliser effects, promoting growth and branching of roots.
Promotion of Systemic Acquired Resistance and Induced Systemic Resistance to diseases throughout the plant, because of its ability to enter the plant as an endophyte.
Production of chitinase enzyme that helps to destroy the cuticle of root knot nematode eggs and protect roots from attack from Meloidogyne spp.
Rapid growth and colonization of roots, enabling Real Trichoderma to compete with most soil borne diseases invading the roots.
Combined plant protection effect of its action as a bio-nematicide and bio-fungicide greatly enhances strong healthy root growth of crops.
Real Trichoderma has proven effects on the following targets: Root knot nematode and Phytophthora.

It can be applied in the soil as a drench.

Application rate/Shelf life

Spores in vegetable oil

  • 200 ml per hectare
  • 12 months from date of manufacture in the original unopened container stored in a cool dry place (15 – 20°C).

Granular product

  • Prepare a weekly soil drench using 1 kg of granular product per hectare.
  • 8 weeks from date of manufacture in original, unopened container stored in a cool dry place (4 – 8o C).

Real Trichoderma is registered in Kenya for control of nematodes in beans and in Ghana as Sustain for control of Phytophthora in pineapples.

Seek advice from your Real IPM Consultant on suitable application rates and methods for your crop and growing system.