2SCALE Project

2SCALE has partnered with Real IPM with an aim to increase the use of seed treatment fertilizers as well as develop a new distribution system. 2SCALE is managed by the (International Fertilizer Development Centre) IFDC, SNV and the BoP Innovation Centre and is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The partnership addresses the low yields for cereals, vegetables, and legumes, including soya beans and common beans. Low yields have several causes, one of them being the poor application of fertilizers. Few small holder farmers are aware of the advantages of seed treatment as a starter fertilizer that gives seed an early boost, promotes root growth and creates a strong establishment of the crop.

Seed treatment is thus a more effective fertilizer that is relatively cheap, easy to apply and increases yields immediately. Yet, with the exception of commercial farmers and small holder farmers in horticulture, application is very limited due to low awareness of small holder farmers and limited access of such products. Real IPM has such a product, Gro-Plus.

Gro-Plus is a registered seed dressing fertilizer that will be used in cash and subsistence crops, including soya beans and common beans in Meru and Tharaka Nithi Counties. The product is readily available in major distribution outlets in the above two regions. There are existing demonstration firms that have been set up as farmers’ learning centres in the regions.

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