Agri Tech

Developing Microbial –based products and Strategies for improving rice Production in Tanzania

The aim of this Project is to develop innovative microbe-based methods to manage rice blast, ie combining seed-coating/priming with root dipping in specific beneficial bacteria (PGPR), complemented with foliar applications of biocontrol agents (BCAs). To optimize this strategy, the effects of seed coating/priming and root dipping on rice endophytes and induced resistance, and survival and dispersal of BCAs on leaf surfaces under field conditions will be conducted.  A network of field studies will be carried out in Tanzania and Kenya to evaluate the effectiveness of this management strategy. Training courses will be run to promote the principles of integrated pest and disease management. Adoption of the project results will lead to significant increases in marketable yield without excessive input of fungicides. 

Funded by:

DFID- Agri -Tech Catalyst (managed by Innovate UK)

Other partners:

National Institute of Agricultural Botany ( NIAB)

Crop Nut  Kenya