FACTS (horticulture)

FACTS is a UK Diploma Level course which is legally required for any person in the UK who is giving advice on the use of fertilisers. Every year Real IPM brings UK examiners to Kenya to examine candidates for both FACTS and BASIS.  We are the only company outside of the UK which is accredited to provide this training.  We have trained at least 200 qualified FACTS agronomists in Kenya over the last ten years.  Effective use of fertilisers not only ensures a cost effective fertiliser programme supports crop production and quality but also protects the environment by avoiding excess use of inappropriate fertilisers.  This course can be run in other countries by arrangement providing there are enough candidates.

Course length:  Predominantly a distance learning course with 5 in-class training days.  The courses usually start in September and the examinations are in October (for Kenyan courses)

Minimum qualifications of trainees:  Only experienced agronomists are likely to pass this examination however, the study will be of benefit to less experienced staff as a staff development programme.     A diploma in an agricultural subject is essential.

Maximum number of trainees:  20 candidates.  Annual enrolments are limited.  Early Registration is recommended.

Cost:  Contact Real IPM Training Manager for a quotation.

Venue:  Training will be held Real IPM’s Kichozi Farm in Thika.  FACTS courses can be arranged in other African countries, by prior arrangement, subject to at least 20 candidates on the course.

Lunch: Provided by venue host.

Topics covered: FACTS covers all aspects of fertiliser management, from crop requirements, sampling, mineral analysis, and interpretation of analysis, fertiliser programme design, problem solving, transport and storage. Candidates will be examined in the following.

  • Multiple Choice question paper.
  • Written paper ‘crop fertiliser programme’ design (open book exam).
  • Panel Viva (3 examiners).