Pesticide awareness

All staff who work on a farm will be concerned about the use of toxic chemicals at their workplace.  Pack-house and office staff may not have any practical experience or training in the issues surrounding safe use of pesticides.  It is important for these staff to be aware of the measures taken by the farm to protect workers and the environment from any potentially harmful effects arising from the use of pesticides.  This training is aimed at mitigating any unreasonable fears of pesticide poisoning and create a more sensible attitude to pesticides. It should be combined with other training courses on Safe Use of Pesticides and Calibration of Spray Equipment.

Course length: 1 hour

Minimum qualifications of trainees:

No minimum qualification – useful for field, packhouse and office staff.

Maximum number of trainees:  40 trainees per session.

Cost:  contact Real IPM Training Manager for a quotation.

Venue:   Training can be delivered either at Real IPM’s Kichozi Farm in Thika or the client’s premises, by arrangement.

Lunch: provided by venue host.

Topics covered:

  • A series of one-hour sessions aimed at staff not involved in crop protection to improve their understanding of safe use procedures on the farm.

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