tulip field

Residue Free Crops

European flower retailers have contracted Real IPM to help their suppliers reduce chemical residues on flower crops. Real IPM can provide the same support for the fruit and vegetable supply chains. Our expertise in chemical crop protection enables us to provide professional advice to UK standards on the design of crop protection programmes. By integrating the use of biological controls and conserving natural enemies, we can develop programmes that will ensure crops are residue free. Real IPM will help growers design and implement a ‘phased residue reduction plan’ to test the efficacy of IPM programmes. This provides the time needed to develop the practical field skills required to manage ‘residue free’ programmes. Real IPM has extensive field experience in the design and implementation of trials to measure ‘pesticide decay curves’ for the EU Pesticide Initiative Programme. Our current training programme for ‘residue-free’ courses covers the following crops. • French beans • Passionfruit • Baby corn Whether growers simply want to decide on the best Pre-Harvest Interval for chemical spray applications or they want to be ‘residue free’ – we have something to offer. Contact us if you would like to discuss your needs with us.