Vertical Bag Farming

Vertical bag farming is a high-yielding food security technology that utilises the vertical space to maximise on land and increase water efficiency. Real IPM uses Vertical Bags to make vertical farming possible.

Real IPM Vertical Bags are durable UV protected bags pre-punched with holes that increases production of leafy vegetables up to six times per square metre.

Why Vertical Bags Farms?

  1. No garden, No problem. The small bag is small enough to fit on your balcony. Suitable for urban farmers
  2. Small garden, big harvest. The large bag only stands on a squire meter. And on this squire meter you can grow at least 100 plants! How many plants can you grow on a squire meter on the ground?
  3. Forget about weeding. Weeds rarely grow on the bags and when they do, you simple uproot by hand.
  4. The bags are water efficient. You don’t lose much of water through evaporation as not much of the soil is exposed to direct sun.
  5. Stop searching for traditional veges. You know how difficult it can be to come across traditional (Kienyeji) vegetables at the market and in the groceries in town. You can grow your very own vegetables such as Amaranth, Sukuma Wiki, Spinach, Nightshade and herbs such as Rose Mary and Mint
  6. Waste not, want not. The bags are reusable and can last for years. Made of UV-inhibiting material.

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You can order for any of these bags online and have them delivered to you via Fargo courier. You can also pay via M-PESA. Delivery is Free country wide.