News: MAZAO FLOURISH: A Biofertilizer Capable of Transforming the Lives of Kenyan Farmers

Farmers work towards minimizing the cost of farm inputs and maximizing on outputs and profits. This is sometimes unattainable due to the ever-increasing cost of farm inputs, not only in Kenya, but globally.

Conventional fertilizers are the most common type of fertilizers in Kenya and farmers use them during every planting season. Excessive use of these fertilizers is reported to contribute to soil acidification, degradation and to some extent eradication of the naturally occurring micro-organisms in the soil. These can further reduce yields, causing losses.

As the leading biological company in Kenya, we have developed a biofertilizer that solves all the above challenges farmers experience as a result of excessive use of these fertilizers.

After extensive research, our product development team came up with Mazao Flourish, a biological mixture of beneficial microbes that promote growth by increasing the availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. It minimizes disease damage from several soil borne fungi, whilst at the same time, helps the plant overcome environmental stresses through increased root development. This leads to better plant growth and of course significantly better yields.

From our trials, Mazao Flourish has outdone conventional fertilizers. When used together with a fertilizer, Mazao Flourish has potential to reduce fertilizer input by 25% whilst increasing yields by up to 25%.

When used together with a fertilizer, Mazao Flourish has potential to reduce fertilizer input by 25% whilst increasing yields by up to 25%.

Mazao Flourish can either be used alone as a replacement for conventional fertilizers, or as a complement to an existing feeding regimen.

Mazao Flourish can be used on cereal crops like beans, soya beans; tomatoes and vegetables like french beans, cabbage, spinach and sukuma wiki/kales.

Farmers who have used Mazao Flourish can attest to the benefits it has and will hardly plant without it, either at the nursery level or during planting. In one of our demo farms at Kisima, Meru town, we planted 46 seed potatoes on two beds of 11m x 1m. The results were worlds apart. Where Mazao Flourish was used with 75% fertilizer, we harvested 89kgs of potatoes, and where standard regimen of fertilizer was used alone, we harvested 62kgs on same size of land.

Another farmer growing french beans in Kirinyaga county has used Mazao Flourish. After using the biofertilizer during the last planting season, he harvested an extra 300kgs of french beans from his 1 acre farm.

Such results drive us as an organization to develop sustainable farming practises to farmers in getting more yields, reducing farming expenses as well as achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Not only do we encourage farmers to use Mazao Flourish to increase yields, but stress on the need to retain the soil’s fertility, PH and biodiversity thus conserving our environment.

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